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Dating thai girl reddit

dating thai girl reddit

(and it cost me dearly) but at the time I loved her deeply and I was convinced that I could make it work. Sick uncles, cousins and friends alike will pressure not only her mother and father for money but also her. Failure to buy something mann sucht frau mit kind nice during valentines or any other numerous holidays will lead to a big fight where she cry about how little you love her. This means that Thais will rather lie than lose face. They will defer to you, allow you to make the decisions and be happy to go along. One of the most important lessons I have learnt is that as a man you need to rule with an iron fist. They are completely unashamed to talk about the financials of marriage and dating. Saving face in Thai culture is probably the same as a Westerner or foreigners reputation. I lived with a girl for three years and she even stayed with me in my country after a lengthy visa process. Eventually she flat out told me that if I dont send her money the next month when I get my salary we are finished because I dont take care of her.

Because its also important for you to understand that Thai culture is a current culture, thinking of today because tomorrow is not here yet. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. No Illegal Content or Lse Majest. On the giving side in return they will give you 24/7 sex, clean your house,cook your food and love you long time. No Racist or Purposefully Offensive Comments.

When you enter in to a relationship with a Thai lady they are usually very upfront with what is expected of you.e. Failure to rein your girl in when she is being unruly by talking it out will not only back fire but will make her lose all respect for you. It is in fact the most important item for them; love doesnt even enter the top five. Well that's actually a useful information. Holy crap I'm surprised with this. What they require: (1) money (2) gold (3) new car (4) land (5) new house (6) partner to take care of their family financially (7) visa to partner's home country all expenses paid (8) not to have to work (9) or to be set. Fortunately this can be a quite reasonable amount that most of us can pay easily. (11) annual update of the latest I phone. As a man you must never give even an inch. If you lose face, if you lose your temper, your currency has lost its value. Thai girls love presents, it doesnt always have to be something expensive as long as you sometimes buy expensive presents.

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